Be prepared!

Be prepared!

Automatic OneDrive synchronization

The loss of a commercial presentation from a laptop thanks to a morning coffee spill or fall, a sudden power cut preventing you from saving a document, or an accidentally deleted offer - we have all been there. Saving your data on a cloud is not just about security. Automatic synchronization of documents with OneDrive means that you lose no important data.

Continuous e-mail and document access

Office 365 gives you access to a virtual office from any location and device. When you need your marketing presentation or offer, and your device breaks along the way, you can access your files from other devices by logging through a web browser. This means no more cancelling of meetings ever again or suffering additional costs for recovering data.

Document versioning

File versioning means that you have all the information available about document changes, the people who changed them and the time of the change. You can always go back to the version you need. Versioning gives you certainty that the document that you want to share or present to the client is the right one. Even if a file is deleted from your cloud or site you can restore it using the administrator's panel. Your documents are always safe and under control.