Work wherever you are

Work wherever you are

Work from anywhere

Office 365 lets you take your office wherever you go. The OneDrive service helps you take all of your documents with you, giving you access to all documents, calendars and the mailbox regardless of location and device. If you need access to the full version of Office 365 and do not have your devices with you, you can use the Office on demand service from any computer.

Offline means online!

You always have your office application close at hand by installing Office 365 on 5 PC and Mac computers as well as on 5 mobile devices for one user. You can use the applications offline as well. Office 365 enables the editing of documents even from a web browser or your computer with a mirror of the cloud. This architecture allows work on company data even without an Internet connection.

Edit files with your smartphone

Office 365 is a set of services that facilitate work not only in your office, but also outside of your company. You can carry everything you need, and edit documents even on your way home with the use of mobile Office applications, create notes or publish them on project pages. Office 365 tools, such as mailbox, synchronized and shared calendars, OneDrive disk or Office applications are adapted to mobile device resolution. Anytime, with a single click, you can share documents or photos internally and externally. The intuitive interface adapted to touchscreens lets you easily and effectively work from your smartphone.